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The George P. and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy

Funding Proposal Upload Area


Cover Page – Required

(PDF file only)

Please download the cover page template, fill it out, and attach it via email.

Keyword – Required

IMPORTANT: Please input the same unique keyword that you inserted on your cover page.
» Help finding this field.

Funding Proposal – Required

(PDF file only)

Please attach your funding proposal via email and follow the guidelines below.

Important Instructions

» Scientific Justification¬†

Be sure to include overall significance to your field. Please limit text to one page with figures, captions and references on no more than one additional page.

» Budget Narrative

Describe the budget details. Discuss each item for which funding is requested (salaries, equipment, travel, page charges, etc.). Please be sure to include full accounting. Maximum of one page in length.

» Previous Use of MIST Resources

List allocations of MIST resources made to the PI during the last 3 years (including references where applicable). Mark with an asterisk those allocations of funds related to the current proposal. Please include original fiscal years.

Publication List – Required

(PDF file only)

Please attach your publication list via email.

Cooks Branch Proposal Form – Optional

(PDF file only)

If you are requesting to use Cooks Branch, please attach via email your completed Cooks Branch Proposal Form.

All files ready to submit?

Please email and attach all of the items requested above to Amanda Barreiro.