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The George P. and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy

Departmental Programs

Physics Festival

Physics Festival

The popular event has unveiled the secrets behind physics concepts we all encounter in our everyday lives and gives a glimpse of cutting-edge science that can become the basis of future technologies. The square-wheeled bicycle, infrared imaging, superconducting levitating train, shooting balloons with lasers, amazing bubble shows, and the Foucault Pendulum in the Mitchell Institute are just a few examples from past events. The festival has featured talks by Nobel Prize winners, astronauts, aerospace engineers, and well-known authors.

The Festival is on two National maps:

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Saturday Morning Physics

Physics is a fundamental science to unravel the laws of nature so that we improve our understanding and appreciation of the world around us at both the smallest and the largest scales. For the eighth year running, you are cordially welcome to experience the fun and awe of unlocking the secrets of modern physics and to learn about the latest and greatest discoveries and developments in forefront research and its applications, such as the hunt for the Higgs particle, the expansion of the Universe, and the fascinating role of physics in biological and medical contexts. Learn about the newest developments in Modern Physics: Higgs Particle Search, Detector Technologies, the Expanding Universe and New Planets, the facets of Light in Nature, the role of physics in Biology, and much more! An event series for Texas Highschool Students to go on a journey of discovering how physics can help us understand nature!

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The Texas A&M Physics Show

As a part of our outreach program, the Department of Physics and Astronomy offers the Physics Show for schools in the Brazos Valley. Our faculty and students are happy to share the excitement of physics experiments with children of all ages, from elementary to high school. The Physics Show is an entertaining and educational presentation which includes a flexible set of demonstrations and hands-on activities which can be adjusted to any level of audience. The show is accompanied by a power point presentation explaining relevant physics concepts.

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