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The George P. and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy

ZFOURGE Team Meeting

Cook’s Branch, October 14-18, 2013

ZFOURGE stands for the Four-star Galaxy Evolution Survey. Kim-Vy Tran and Casey Papovich are co-leaders of this international collaboration initiated by Dr. Ivo Labbe who is at Leiden University. The team has regular meetings to resolve data reduction and analysis issues, get updates on projects, and discuss current and future plans. Our October 2013 workshop was the third annual ZFOURGE team meeting to be held at Cooks Branch. We hosted 16 guests from around the world including grad students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty.

Speaker University
Ms. Rebecca Allen Swinburne University
Dr. Gabe Brammer Space Telescope Science
Professor Karl Institute
Glazebrook Swinburne University
Dr. Glenn Kacprzak Swinburne University
Ms. Nancy TAMU
Kawinwanichakij Leiden University
Dr. Ivo Labbe TAMU
Dr. Nicola Mehrtens Yale
Dr. Ivelina Swinburne University
Momcheva TAMU
Mr. Themiya Carnegie Observatories
Nanayakkara Leiden University
Prof. Casey Papovich TAMU
Dr. Ryan Quadri TAMU
Ms. Caroline NASA
Mr. Adam Tomczak
Dr. Tilvi Vitha
Dr. Katherine

Visit the ZFOURGE Website