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The George P. and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy

High Energy Phenomenology, Experiment, and Cosmology Seminars

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Dorian Amaral (Rice University) HEPEC 03.1.23
Title: A Direct Detection View of the Neutrino NSI Landscape
Abstract: Neutrino non-standard interactions (NSI) have been extensively explored in the context of dedicated neutrino experiments. However, the next generation of direct detection experiments is on course to observe a significant number of solar neutrino events, and the sensitivities of these experiments within the NSI landscape are yet to be determined. Due to their sensitivity to neutrino-nucleus and neutrino-electron scattering, as well as to tau neutrinos, direct detection provides a complementary view of the NSI parameter space to that of spallation source and neutrino oscillation experiments. To study their potential in the NSI landscape, we develop a re-parametrisation or the NSI framework that explicitly includes a variable electron contribution and allows for a clear visualisation of the complementarity of the different experimental sources. Using this new parameterisation, we explore how previous NSI results from spallation source and neutrino oscillation experiments are impacted. For the first time, we compute the NSI sensitivity limits from the first results of the XENONnT and LZ experiments, and we obtain future xenon-based projections. Our results demonstrate the importance of using a more general NSI parametrisation and indicate that next-generation direct detection experiments will form powerful probes of neutrino NSIs.
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