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The George P. and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy

Mitchell Institute Pre-Print Publications

Results for 2024

Ladder Symmetries and Love Numbers of Reissner–Nordstrom Black Holes
M. Rai and L. Santoni (2024)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-830

Multi-messenger Probes of Asteroid Mass Primordial Black Holes: Superradiance Spectroscopy, Hawking Radiation, and Microlensing
J. Dent, B. Dutta and T. Xu (2024)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-829

All-orders Moduli for Type II Flux Backgrounds
G. R. Smith, D. Tennyson, D. Waldram (2024)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-828

Exciting Prospects for Dark Matter at Large-volume Neutrino Detectors
B. Dutta, W. Huang, D. Kim, J. Newstead, J. Park, and S. Ali (2024)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-827

Higher Derivative Supergravities in Diverse Dimensions
M. Ozkan, Y. Pang and E. Sezgin (2024)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-826

Dark Fluxes from Electromagnetic Cascades
N. Blinov, P. Fox, K. Kelly, P. Machado, and R. Plestid (2024)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-825

The Beam-Dump Ceiling and Its Experimental Implications
D. Kim, J. Yu, J. Park and H. Kim (2024)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-824