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Mitchell Institute Pre-Print Publications

Results for 2021

Particle Physics and Cosmology of The String Derived No- scale Flipped SU(5)
Ι. Antoniadiis, D.V. Nanopoulos and J. Rizos (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-768

Stasis in an Expanding Universe: A Recipe for Stable Mixed-Component Cosmological Eras
K. Dienes, L. Heurtier, F. Huang, D. Kim, T. Tait, B. Thomas (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HEE-767

Solutions to the MiniBooNE Anomaly from New Physics in Charged Meson Decays
B. Dutta, D. Kim, A. Thompson, R. Thornton, R. Van de Water (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-766

Flipped SU(5) GUT Phenomenology: Proton decay and g-2
J. Ellis, J. Evans, N. Nagata, D. Nanopoulos and K. Olive (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-765

Resolving the (g-2)_μ Discrepency with F-SU(5) Intersecting D-branes
J.L. Lamborn,T. Li, J. Maxin and D.V. Nanopoulos (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-764

Dimensional Reduction of Higher Derivative Heterotic Supergravity
H. Chang, E. Sezgin and Y. Tanii (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-763

An Algebraic Classification of Solution Generating Techniques
R. Borsato, S. Driezen, F. Hassler (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-762

Supergravity Black Holes, Love Numbers and Harmonic Coordinates
M. Cvetic, G.W. Gibbons, C.N. Pope and B.F. Whiting (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-761

Asymptotic Weyl Double Copy
H. Godazgar, M. Godazgar, R. Monteiro, D. Peinador Veiga and C.N. Pope (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-760

Tumblers: A Novel Collider Signature for Long-Lived Particles
K. Dienes, D. Kim, T. Leininger, B. Thomas (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-759

Cosmic-ray Upscattered Inelastic Dark Matter
N. Bell, J. Dent, B. Dutta, S. Ghosh, J. Kumar, J. Newstead and I. Shoemaker (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-758

Spining No -Scale F-SU(5) in the Right Direction
J. Maxin,T. Li and D.V. Nanopoulos (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-757

Bremsstrahlung and Resonant Production Boost Leptophilic Gauge Boson Searches in MiniBoone and DUNE
F. Capozzi, B. Dutta, G. Gurung, W. Jang, I. Shoemaker, A. Thompson and J. Yu (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-752

Flipped g_μ-2
J. Ellis, J. Evans, N. Nagata, D. Nanopoulos and K. Olive (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-HET-751

Leptonic Scalar and Collider Signatures in a UV-complete Model
B. Dev, B. Dutta, T. Ghosh,T Han, H. Qin and Y. Zhang (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-2112

Deep-Learned Event Variables for Collider Phenomenology
D. Kim, K. Kong, K. T. Matchev, M. Park, P. Shyamsundar (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-2111

New Interference Effects From Light Gauge Bosons in Neutrino-Electron Scattering
P. S. Bhupal Dev, Doojin Kim, Kuver Sinha, Yongchao Zhang (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-2110

Explaining $g_{\mu}-2$ and $R_{K^{(*)}}$ Using the Light Mediators of $U(1)_{T3R}$
B. Dutta, S. Ghosh, P. Huang, and J. Kumar (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-219

Light, Long-Lived B-L Gauge and Higgs Bosons at the DUNE Near Detector
B Dev, B. Dutta, K. Kelly, R. Mohapatra and Y. Zhang (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-218

A New Look at the Combined COHERENT CsI and Ar Data
H. Banerjee, B. Dutta and S. Roy (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-216

A Master Exceptional Field Theory
G. Bossard, A. Kleinschmidt and E. Sezgin (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-217

Low-Mass Inelastic Dark Matter Direct Detection Via the Migdal Effect
N. F. Bell, J. B. Dent, B. Dutta, S. Ghosh, J. Kumar and J. L. Newstead (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-215

Axions: From Magnetars and Neutron Star Mergers to Beam Dumps and BECs
J. Fortin, H. Guo, S. Harris, D. Kim, K. Sinha, and C. Sun (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-214

Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering in the NuMI beamline with the vBDX-DRIFT Detector
D. Aristizabal Sierra, B. Dutta, D. Kim, D. Loomba, D. Snowden-Ifft, L. Strigari (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-213

Conformal Symmetries for Extremal Black Holes with General Asymptotic Scalars in STU Supergravity
M. Cvetic, C.N. Pope and A. Saha (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-212

Components of Eleven-dimensional Supergravity with Four Off-shell Supersymmetries
Katrin Becker, Daniel Butter, William D. Linch III, Anindya Sengupta (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-211

Exploring the Geometry of Supersymmetric Double Field Theory
D. Butter (2021)
Preprint Number: MI-TH-2136